Lil Kim Looks Unrecognizable

In pictures taken from the night out, Kim was seen wearing a checkered two-piece outfit. It wasn’t her ensemble that was most shocking, but her noticeably different facial features and much lighter complexion. It looked like Kim got more enhancement surgeries to make her face appear young, and resemble a porcelain doll. Wow! Additionally, many fans took to Twitter after witnessing the pics, to point out the fact that the rapper’s facial complexion did not match the color of her hands that were seen holding onto a man in front of her. Yikes!

Many people couldn’t believe that it was actually Lil Kim in the club. While some people posted hurtful comments about the rapper, comparing her to animated characters, other fans attempted to stick up for the diva, saying that she didn’t deserve everyone’s harsh criticism. “If you make fun of Lil Kim I’m unfollowing you. It’s not fucking funny. Years of bashing and hate destroyed her yall. That’s not funny,” one person said.

via HollywoodLife